Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let Your Hair Down

New Year's resolutions.

It's hard to enter into a new year and NOT be aware of all the things you'd like to change, do better at, accomplish or stop doing.

There is just something about a new year that feels free.  As if you can let go of all the hurt and/or failures of the past year and start fresh!

My resolution lists are typically lengthy and cover many areas.  I am pretty good at attempting most of the things on my list, but most of the time at least a few of the items slip through the cracks from time to time.

It just happens.

But this time around, as I prayed for the direction the Lord wanted to take me this year, only one little phrase kept coming to mind:
"Let Your Hair Down"

I know, it sounds silly, 'cause it is!  But that's the point.

The more I thought about it the more I realized just how hard I work at keeping my hair pulled back in so many areas of my life.

The thing about having this one resolution is that it can cover every area of my life: wife, mom, housekeeper, Christ follower, and even my appearance.

I tend to be a bit rigid and uptight.  I have to consciously make an effort to relax.  Flexibility is NOT my middle name, ha!  I naturally take things too seriously and can be easily offended.

But this year I want to learn to "let my hair down", literally and figuratively.

This means thinking and living with eternal perspective.  This means being thankful.  This means pausing my to-do list for a couple of minutes to read my kids a book.

So, come on girl, let your hair down!
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