Monday, December 3, 2012

Heart and Logic

During our family devotion discussion at dinner...

...let me just suggest having family devotions during a meal together.  Mouths are stuffed full of food and they are either strapped into one place or sitting in a seat, where sibling pushes and cover sharing is NOT an option:)


We were discussing Christmas and all the kids were correct in their answers about the true meaning, but then Josh took it a step further.

He asked,

Josh:"How can we give a gift to God?"

Zeke:"We can wrap up a present and put it outside and He can come down and get it!"

Oh to have a heart of a child, and logic like Zeke's.

He's got a good point, though.

It's not hard to give God a gift for Christmas.

Your heart.  That is all He wants.

And from that will flow obedience, love for other's and action.

What are you going to gift Christ with this Christmas?

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