Monday, October 22, 2012

The Cost Of Being In A Hurry

"Most accidents and mistakes happen because you are in a hurry."

I don't remember where I heard or read this statement, but I sure do remember it.

It always comes to mind at the most obscure times too;)

Like when I'm scurrying around the kitchen because dinner should have been done 45 minutes ago...and then the pasta falls out of the bottom of the box because it was already opened and I neglected to notice that small little factor.

Or when I am behind the slowest car EVER in Rolesville on Hwy 401...and I begin creeping even closer in hopes that he'll get the hint that he needs to go AT LEAST 35 in the 35!  But when we pass the cop sitting on the side of the road at least I can roll my eyes and muffle a quick "thank you Lord".

Then there is the scenario of standing at the front door waiting for the kids to find ANY two shoes that will fit on their feet because we are LATE AGAIN!  And then "grumpy mom" becomes "impatient mom" and that's not very fun for anyone.

It even begins circling around in my mind when I'm sprinting up and down the aisles at the grocery store because we ALL know that the quicker you move, the cheaper the food is, right?:)

This little statement has been a life changer for me.

If I'm getting all anxious and in a hurry what am I really going to accomplish?

This mostly effects my outlook on life and parenting.

What am I going to gain by getting all anxious and worked up?  Probably just another spill on the floor because I didn't see that measuring cup full of rice right behind my elbow, or anger welling up inside at the innocent grocer in front of me waiting to pay for their groceries, or an accident or speeding ticket,

or worse,

a colony of children staring at their mommy, being an example of how NOT to react when in a time crunch or hurry.

Now, when I notice the temperature rising because I feel the need to get something done IMMEDIATELY I take a deep breathe and repeat this phrase and ask myself if the cost of hurrying is really worth it?

And most of the time it isn't.
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