Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

I'm pretty sure I've spent the majority of my 30's side-stepping between the countertop and the table.  Every time I turn around it's time for another refill, helping, MEAL!  Hey, I'm not complaining, 'cause I'm pretty sure that I burn off everything I eat as soon as it enters my mouth, but I know it catches our friends off guard when they come over, so consider yourself warned:)

Well, it's official.  Both Areyna and Zeke are now registered students in the Wake County Public School System!  I know, crazy!  All we need is their track assignment...oh, and new book bags and lunch boxes:)  Ya do what ya gotta do to entice your children to get excited about "the other side".  As much as I know this is the right thing for our family for the season we are in, it is still kind of sad to me...I'm working on a happy heart (and so is Rainy).

The favorite sibling award unanimously goes to Jude!
Thanks for the cute pic, Maddie
Now, I know this won't last forever, but how stinkin' cute are my boys?!  I know Jude is the cute little baby now and hasn't really had a chance to get on their nerves, but the entire colony is absolutely smitten by this kid!

It's amazing to me that it is almost November!


How can it be?

I've gotta go get a list together, 'cause I have a school shopping date with my two oldest kiddos:)

Happy Friday ya'll!
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