Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

It's family day around Colony headquarters.

The day we look forward to ALL WEEK.

Except most of the colony decided that it would be best spent laying on the couch, sick:(

The girls and Josh are out.  I mean, laying-on-the-couch-not-moving-or-eating kind of sick.

The boys woke up ready to conquer family day with our traditional dad-made donuts and a fun family outing.  Instead I'm boiling a pot of water to make oatmeal, not knowing what today holds for the eager healthy boys:).  I know, what a terrible substitution to dad's famous homemade donuts and the promise for adventure.

Jude has become my human vacuum cleaner.  Except, he seems to ONLY stick the things in his mouth that are NOT crumbs fallen from Cai-bo's chubby hands or "leftovers" dropped under the kitchen table.  He prefers dead spiders in the corner of the living room, squinkies that no one else has been able to find and shoes.  The boy LOVES him some shoes!  Leaves and grass are okay, but those pesky little toy pieces, this sweet little Christian mama has some not-so-sweet words for them!

Speaking of Jude:)  He is getting two more teeth up top!  FOUR TEETH he continues to follow in his disobedient siblings ways and KEEPS GETTING BIGGER!

I've given myself a new rule.  I know, I know...we have more rules in this house than anyone can keep up with.  But I am DETERMINED to get a laundry system in this house, and it is NOT going to consist of piles of clean laundry on the living room couch, or piles of clean laundry on top of the dryer in the laundry basket, or piles of clean laundry on our bedroom floor!

Colony Mom Rule #548
Thou shalt not take a clean load of laundry out of the washing machine and place in the dryer until the prior dry load from the dryer has been taken out, FOLDED and put away.

I know, I'm pulling out all the stops on this one, but it has worked for about a week now.  Oh I have to sternly self-talk myself through the immediate folding, because the action is not done with a happy heart yet, but it will, and it is going to be worth it!

This week was monumental.  I was able to run 4.42 miles!  I got around 2 miles before the tape began pealing off of my knee, but I was determined to keep going.  About 2 1/2 miles in I was beginning to feel it, but I wanted to keep going.  I began to do butt-kicks and high knees when I would start feeling the "snapping" feeling in my knee to stretch it out while still moving forward.  I got to my 3.2 mile goal and I wasn't really hurting too bad.  I did the extended loop and made it home in under 43 minutes.  As soon as I slowed to a walk, I could hardly walk!  I limped up the driveway and Josh had the ice pack ready:)  I am still feeling the aftermath , but man did it feel good!

And since every post needs a picture:)  Here's Rainy, Josh and Zeke on their way to Fayetville to hear Poppie preach.  How CUTE are they!

Well, I'm off to nurse the colony back to health and see if we can get in something "special" before this family day is over.

Happy Friday ya'll!
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