Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking Back : 09/30/2011 "Gotcha Day"

It's a special day for our family today.

It's Alethia's "Gotcha Day"!

This day last year we walked into the babies home as a family of 5, and left as a family of 6.

We were learning that God had already filled our hearts with enough love...enough love to walk in obedience, enough love to overcome any doubt and fears that tried to creep in, enough love to love MORE!

As I said yesterday, some of these posts I've been going back to read are sprinkled with details that I'd forgotten, but there are many snapshots that are forever engrained in my mind.

Like the trip back to the guesthouse from picking up Shabila.  She sat in my lap the entire way.  Close.  Sweating.  Timid.  Scared.  Then she fell asleep.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.  This tiny little girl in my arms.  We'd been working so hard to get to her.  And now, now she was sleeping in my arms.  She was BEAUTIFUL.  And she was MINE!

Like the moment Areyna began to sing a familiar song in Lugandan and Shabila quickly looked up at her, as if realizing that she had finally found someone safe.  As Rainy continued to sing, Shabila began to scoot closer and closer to Areyna and gently began to hold her hand.  Our first breakthrough:)
The moment our eyes first met

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