Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keeping With The Tradition

You may remember this post, from forever ago!

It's a "must see" 'cause it's so fun to look back at the kids at this stage
(and see all the different hairstyles my hubby had:)

Josh has always had special times in the morning with all his kids.
It's by far the biggest thing he looks forward to when we find out we're adding to the Colony.

It's kind of sad that he was never able to share these moments with Alethia
but it would be a bit awkward to see her cuddled up on her daddy's lap now,
chewing on highlighters, don't you think?

I just had to capture this moment as he closes out this sweet stage with our last.

I love the example he sets in a true relationship with Christ to our kids at such an early age!
Jude and his Daddy

Quiet time, coffee, cuddly colony member and slobbery highlighters...
What more could a man ask for.
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