Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

This week was confirmation that this mama will never be one who can reach her full mommy-ing capacity with a packed schedule.  Don't get me wrong, I work really well under pressure.  In fact, I kind of like the rush when life gets crazy, but when it is just therapy sessions, conferences at the school behind our house (more on that next week!) and other misc. outings and appointments I feel spent. Drained.  Downright grumpy, honestly.  Okay, so I'm working on it 'cause I KNOW that is just life, I'm just sayin'...

Every time I get around to posting about the next month in Jude's little life he goes and does something amazing.  A couple of months ago I posted that he wasn't interested in food at all.  Then, 2 days later he would ONLY be satisfied after 3 full meals a day!  Last month he went and grew 2 new teeth.  This month, just a day after his 7-month update he began talking.  Talking, people!  Bababamamaba and Babadababamada and a mixture of the two.  It is SO cute.  I like to turn the monitor up so I can hear the sweet sounds throughout the house.

Josh does love the sweet sounds, but he is scheming what consequences would be appropriate for this 7-month-old who refuses to obey and stay little:)

Last night we got home from rehearsal and Josh told me to go look on the front porch.  I was fully thinking I was going to walk out and see some endangered species in Rainy's bug catcher that he had caught for her.  Instead I saw these boxes!

We realized that the only thing keeping me from only having to go to the grocery store 2 times a month is the fresh produce.  We also like the idea of supporting our local farmers, but going to the farmer's market every week is just not practical.  So, we signed up for "The Produce Box".  I am SO excited!  Not only is it fresh, local, seasonal, produce, but it will force me to try new foods.  I've NEVER even bought some of these foods and am anxious to try the recipes that they gave me to go along with them.  Let me know if you are interested...we get a $10 credit for each person we refer:)

Weather...need I say more?!  We have all but lived outside this week!  The AC has been turned off and the windows have been opened.  I may have even gone out and purchased a couple of Pumpkin Spice candles to help move the fall along.  Hey, I missed my favorite season last year, I have a whole season to make up for!

I'm not sure what it is, but we always get "comments" when entering and exiting our chiropractor.  Several months ago a woman looked at me herding the colony out the door and she told me I needed more than a chiropractor, I needed a margarita...and a LARGE one, ha!  Last week we were keeping a couple of cousins and were walking in with our colony +2 and an elderly man looked at us and said, "Well, you just didn't know when to stop, did ya!"

I mean seriously, should you really say things like that to people you don't even know?:)

Well, I have one more conference before the week closes and then I'm home free...for at least 24 hours!

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!!
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