Monday, September 24, 2012

Be Careful Little Mouth

We are forever talking to our kids about the weight of our words, aren't we?

I wonder, though, if I am exemplifying the standard or just spouting off this command like a broken record. I think a lot of times I get so frustrated with the way my children speak to or about one another, with little consideration about what I am speaking, myself.

In order to do this I have to constantly filter the words spoken to my husband/girlfriends/parents in front of my children, about my children.

Do my words:

  • speak encouragement about a struggle OR label my child with a struggle in a negative way
  • cause dissension between siblings
  • continuously give excuses for behavior
  • embarrass
  • isolate a child for being different OR cause unity within the family unit in spite of differences 
It's hard for those little ears to be careful what they hear when the mom standing within earshot of them is not being careful about what her little mouth is saying.

We don't have to sugar coat the hard days/seasons of parenthood, neither do we have to speak in a spiteful, negative way about our children.

Moms, we should be our kids' #1 fan!  Let's shout our love with cheering:)

And I repeat to myself again..."be careful little mouth what you say".
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