Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open For Interpretation

We have quite a hodge-podge of words that circulate between Alethia and Cai.

There is the typical "Toddlerese" mixed with a Ugandan accent, a little "Lispish", topped off with some Luganda.

It is a beautiful language I quite simply call "Toddlerlulispigandish", the term for an American and Ugandan toddler learning to speak English together:)

Here are a few of my favorites:

e-bee-u-dee = everybody

white = the color, the opposite of black

white = not wrong. correct.

bee-i-ll-ed = spilled

tu-gen-go = tugende (Lugandan for let's go)

be-ack = the color black

yell-come = your welcome

Buzz yite-yurt = Buzz Light-year shirt

quinky = squinky

Super Hero Squadstumes = Super Hero Squad Costumes

***I'd LOVE to hear some of the cute things your kids say!***
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