Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm pretty sure Jude is teething.

He is showing all the signs, but then again, I could be wrong.  (It has been known to happen once or twice;)  It may just be that he has a severe case of "totally normal syndrome" which is causing this abnormally happy and laid-back child to be a bit fussy.

I haven't really "enjoyed" the extra wardrobe changes because of the excessive drooling, which causes Jude's skin to break out and more loads of laundry, and I haven't really been looking forward to the fussiness that mouth booboos can cause (although I do know that these are all very short seasons).

Then I realized that not all milestones are created equal.

Now I'll get all crazy excited about the slightest little noise they make with their mouths, or the fact that "she grabbed that hanging toy for the first time" or even, "Yay, he ate his pees!".

But teething...or potty training?!

Those just aren't really milestones that I catch myself daydreaming about:)

But if you look this stinkin' cute, I'm way more prone to get excited about ANYTHING you do, even if it means being a tad bit irritable.

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