Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Me Monday

I have great self control.


Especially when it comes to sweet stuff.

***Insert picture of a box of cookies picked out by Micaiah for all the children...ahem...CHILDREN (because I'm counting calories don't ya know)...with AT LEAST 13 cookies left in it***

I would never catch myself sneaking into the kitchen to grab one here.

And another one there.

Until there are only 8 left...thinking that I'd saved enough for each kid to eat 2 tomorrow without really even knowing that someone had stolen the rest of them.

But then later rationalizing that they would really be fine with just 1 each, because we all know that children eat way too much sugar and sweets these days anyway.

Somehow, another one disappears, though, and you KNOW we'd have a battle on our hands if not everyone got a cookie tomorrow.

So someone should really step up and try to keep the peace.

But that someone would NEVER be me.

Nope, NOT ME!

'Cause then I'd have to blame daddy;)

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