Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lessons From The Classroom - Curriculum

I have some friends who are super creative with their homeschooling.  I tried so hard to be that kind of teacher...and that just isn't me.  And I'm okay with that. (It did take some time for me to embrace who I am as a teacher, but I'm getting the hang of it now:)

I'm learning my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher and I know my limits.  I can try as I may to create my own curriculum and activities, but quite frankly it makes me totally overwhelmed, and maybe even a little grumpy;)

So, I chose curriculums that are good for me AND the kids!  Something that is all-inclusive, biblically based and easy to wrap my brain around.

We are continuing to use Horizons Math and Explode The Code for reading and spelling.  We have added Science and Social Studies this year using PACEs.  I really like these because they are reading based and Areyna needs some extra work and motivation in that area.  I allotted 3 weeks for her first lessons in science and social studies and she has worked so hard on it, even begging to bring it to bed with a flashlight or the gym while I work out, that she will be finished with the tests for them by the end of this week!  I'd say she likes them:)

Zeke is my tricky one.  With his dyslexia and other processing and learning issues I am being forced to get more creative with him.  We are s.l.o.w.l.y finishing his 2nd Horizons Preschool book from last year.  To help reinforce what he has already learned over the past 2 years, I have deemed him "Teacher Assistant Zeke" for Alethia and Cai's class.  He helps me write Alethia and Cai's names on their papers, helps them with the letter, shape, color and number of the week and joins in their crafts.  It is an excellent way to review while giving him a feeling of independence and importance.  He LOVES his new role.  I also ordered the activity cards that go with the My Father's World manipulatives that I already had on hand.  He is going to get these letters and shapes!  In fact, we reviewed A-F (where we ended last year) and he could tell me every single letter and what it said.  This is huge, my friends!

Alethia and Micaiah:
I really like the Horizons method.  It builds a foundation and slowly adds to it, while continuing to use it.  It includes Bible, Shapes, Colors, Letters, Numbers and several small and large motor skill activities.  I WAY over-planned for our first week because there are just so many activities you can do.  My kids don't have near the attention span to do it all:)

I love our set-up, I love our I just have to figure out how to duplicate myself to get it all done with them!
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