Monday, July 9, 2012

Jude Warren - 5 Months

Jude Warren - 15.6 lb

This month was a big month for this little guy.

He is finally awake for more than 45 minutes at a time.

He is eating like a champ.
It's actually quite comical to see how I prepare his food.
A baked sweet potato (or banana, or avacado) comes out of the skin,
goes directly into a ziploc baggie,
gets mashed a few times by my fist,
and voila, yummy baby food:)
No blender needed, ha!

He watches everything his colony siblings do.

But my FAVORITE thing is the fact that he has found his feet and toes!
This is by far my favorite baby stage.
It's amazing to see how long they can keep entertained by those little fingers and toes.

And when his toes aren't occupying his mouth his finger(s) are.

Oh so cute!

He still isn't so big in the mobility department
but he sure likes to tell us all about his day
with grunts, groans, blowing bubbles (not recommended during meal times!) and cooing.

We're also pretty sure he is trying to give kisses and respond to his name:)

And I HAVE to mention the drool...

Oh the drool...

But drool, or no drool,
we couldn't be more in love with this little fella!
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