Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

I've begged Areyna for the last time to finish school.  No, she still hasn't finished it.  In fact, she's been on her last lesson since a little after 10am!  We are ALL in desperate need of a school break.

On a much happier note...

Omega 3 vitamins are my new best friend. Quite honestly I've always kind of rolled my eyes at vitamins and supplements.  But that was BEFORE I began taking Omega 3s.  I've been transformed into a new woman by those little fish oil supplements and if you don't believe me, ask my husband;)

The new effort I've been putting forth in my relationship with Alethia has actually strengthened my relationship with each of my other kids as well.  It's amazing how easy it can be to neglect such simple things as face-to-face time, eye contact, gentle touches while communicating and a couple minutes of bedtime snuggles.  And you better believe that I'm right there with you other moms...when 8 o'clock rolls around I am done, spent!  But lately I've felt convicted about my half-hearted kiss on the cheek as I walk out the door at night.  It's amazing what two minutes of un-interrupted bedtime snuggles can do! (I don't know, maybe I AM alone on this one)

Jude, oh Jude, I love him!  He will NEVER be like the other kids who talk back to their mommies or throw temper tantrums or fight over least for a few more months anyway;)

Josh and I have a hot date tonight.  Like a REAL hot date.  Not a stay-at-home date night, but a pay-a-babysitter date night:)  This momma is SO excited!  Where are we going?  Well, I'll have to go see what gift cards we have in stock, ha!

The weather has been SO steamy and hot this week!  We are SO grateful for the pool that we have to swim in this summer:)  Zeke has gotten so brave that he'll take off into the deep"er" end all by himself!  That's a big deal for this little guy who won't even walk down the hallway at home by himself.

Our garden has really flourished this season!  We picked a tennis ball sized tomato last week and one a little bit larger this week.  I'd take a picture of it but by the time we all got a taste it was all gone.  We're really living off the land I tell ya.

Happy Friday ya'll!
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