Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Free-For-All : Numbers

***At this very moment there is 1 child bouncing, 5  children eating their hearts out on the 3rd box of cereal in 3 days, and 1 child in the fussy box***

I can't really think straight to formulate a good post, but I guess that is what Fridays are all about anyway:)

Josh's brother, Jonathan, and his wife, Kelly, have been in Uganda working on bringing their daughter home.  They are now the Legal Guardians of Chloe but like our story, they have been put on hold with the US Embassy.  (Insert growls and ugly faces from this mama)

***Now, 1 child is crying because 2 children both want to hold him, 1 child repeating, "I want my shoes on, I want my shoes on", 1 child running around as Thor singing the Thor theme song VERY loudly, while I help 1 child get dressed for the day***

We've added two more girls to the colony this week.  If anyone would have ever told me that I would be taking care of 7 children and enjoying it, YES, not just surviving, but ENJOYING IT, I would have told them they were crazy!!!

If you follow me on twitter you've probably seen the updates throughout the day on what 7 kids do to keep occupied, since we can't really go anywhere.  Our 1-car capacity is maxed out at 5, but we did make it to rehearsal last night.  We were quite the caravan.

And since it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to complete a single post this week, ha...

***1 sleeping, 3 playing a vey peculiar game behind closed doors (I'll have to go check on that in a minute:), 2 scrubbing their beautifully shiny rocks with Alethia's shampoo (yeah, don't know how that happened), and 1 crying because the other two rock-shiners did something she didn't fancy...oh wait, she's fine now:)***

This weekend is going to be a powerful weekend at Journey.  I've been feeling this heaviness, but not in something-bad-is-about-to-happen kind of way.  It's more like an I'm-excited-and-very-expectant-because-I-know-God-is-gonna-do-something-big kind of way.  Rehearsal last night was beyond just rehearsing songs.  The atmosphere was thick with the presence of God.  If you come, you are probably going to see mascara streaks down my face, but I ain't skured!

***2 showing off their now super-shiny "Gems" and "Moonrocks", 1 running around in his underwear between costume changes, 1 playing with squinkies that are NOT his, 1 still soundly sleeping and 2 happily playing house***

I caught myself putting coffee creamer in the dryer and sugar with the pans this I'm NOT pregnant, I just don't think that you get it all back, even after the belly goes away.

Speaking of pregnant:
Alethia has never NOT seen me pregnant before and I'd not even thought about that fact until we got back from Memphis last month.  I've still been working on my pooch at the gym, curses on the slowing 33-year-old metabolism, and I guess she pictures the momma with the pooch when I'm gone.  So, when I got back and had a flat belly she kept coming up to me and petting my belly and smiling.  She kept saying, "Baby Jude not in there anymore".  I think it finally clicked.  I love the fact that Jude won't know life without his Alethia sister!

***6 piled in a van for a fun-filled afternoon with Mrs. Julie Shuler and 1 looking around the house wondering where his entertainment went***

Happy Friday Ya'll, it's gonna be a GREAT day!
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