Wednesday, May 23, 2012

With One Voice

You all walked with us on our journey overseas to get Alethia home and now we are walking alongside Josh's younger brother and his wife as they work on bringing Alethia's best friend home from the orphanage.

 Alethia and Chloe are going to be cousins!

I CANNOT wait to see their reunion at the airport...

Anyway, we are at the final stages with Jonathan and Kelly as they wait for their Embassy appointment on Monday.  This is (hopefully) the last hurdle they must jump through before boarding that airplane home with their new daughter.

We've been praying as a family for Chloe to come home soon so it's not at all surprising that Alethia prayed for her safe arrival tonight before dinner, but the words were just so sweet:

"Dear God,
Please help my Laiti ah come home with Aunt Kelly and to come home my Laiti!
In your Name ah pray, Amen"

I love that she gets to be on this end of the adoption process as well.  One day she will understand all the sweet prayers, just like this one, that went up on her behalf, from little voices all over the world!

Join us as we pray for favor through the completion of this adoption.
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