Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Me Monday

I did NOT eat Mexican food for lunch yesterday

that lead to an upset tummy for little Jude all evening

and into the night

on into the wee hours of sleep time

causing no such sleep time to occur

for me

or little Jude.

Nope, that would be absolutely miserable!

My husband would then kindly take my cue (stating that "I might be a tad bit irritable and grumpy this morning") and wisk up the little guy

taking him downstairs to be loved on by his Meme

so I could get some sleep

into the wee hours of the afternoon (1pm to be exact).

And that would NEVER happen!

Nope, never:)

***Thank God for an understanding husband, a Meme who loves her grandkids and some uninterrupted sleep!  Oh and mouth-watering Mexican food which USED to be my favorite.  I guess we'll have to say good-bye for about 10 more months:(
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