Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Facts For Friday

I'm blaming the crazy beautiful weather, but Areyna has had a really hard time accomplishing much of anything productive this week.  Unless, of course, you consider a swing for bear made out of sticks and black electrical tape, grass-sand soup for the family and making sure she can keep her "Who Can Swing Highest?" title, accomplishments:)  It literally took her 6.5 hours to complete her school work yesterday!  Let's just say that we were ALL glad when it was all done, ha!

Jude is officially in cloth diapers this week.  No baby bootie has ever been cuter:)

Another thing that makes that baby cuter than any other on the planet right now is the fact that he let me sleep a consecutive 7 hours 2 nights ago.  Yes, I know, it was only 1 night, but man was it magnificent!

Areyna's job is to unload the dishwasher every morning.  Her and Alethia have been taking this to the next level this week.  They have been washing all the breakfast dishes too!  I am pretty sure Alethia instigated this.  She's a little addicted to playing with water in the sink:)

Zeke, bless his heart, frantically came in to where I was making dinner because the hole puncher had come apart and little paper circles had fallen on the floor.  Instead of simply picking them up and throwing them away like I'd asked, he decided to "throw" a party.  This is how he "cleaned up" the mess, ha!  Mama was NOT impressed with his creativity...

We are going on Jude and Alethia's first road trip next week.  We're heading up to Roanoke to show off our two newest littles to Josh's extended family.  Nena is going to eat them up...well maybe just smother them with pink lipstick grandma kisses:)

Happy Friday Ya'll!
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