Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty Sure

I'm pretty sure I totally just fought through contractions to shave my legs in the shower this morning.

I'm pretty sure I just sacrificed 99% of my air supply, through contractions, to give a fresh coat of polish to my toenails.  (A girl has GOT to look good when she is going into labor;)

I'm pretty sure that Josh and I have been talking like this trip to the hospital is a quick little getaway from the chaos of the already 4 excited children in our house, ha!

I'm pretty sure I am more than excited to see if I will be coming face-to-face with a little Jude or a little Talitha.

I'm pretty sure that I am more than ready to be done being pregnant for the rest of my life.

I'm pretty sure that Areyna was born 5 days late, Zeke was due on his due date, Cai was only 1 day late and that #4 (born to me) is coming on his/her due date...

Because I'm pretty sure that our baby is coming TODAY!

Oh Happy Day, it's Thursday:)
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