Friday, February 17, 2012

Hooray Meals

Who needs a McDonald's Happy Meal when Nonnie brings her own "Hooray Meal" to the house?!

With as many kids as we have who can afford Happy Meals these days?  Well, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank with Nonnie's patented "Hooray Meal".

Each Meal Includes:
1 Gift Bag - Gender Appropriate
1 Baggie of Tyson Chicken Nuggets (amount may vary depending on the child's appetite)
1 Baggie of French Fries (cooked, from the freezer)
1 Baggie of Fresh Fruit (amount and type may vary depending on the stockpile in the refrigerator)
1 Baggie with a fun toy in it (thought out in love for each child, of course;)

These "Hooray Meals" have been all the craze in the house as Nonnie has brought enough supplies for 4 of them during her stay!  The BONUS toy at the end of the 4th Hooray Meal is the gift bag to stuff full of whatever your little heart desires.

Thanks, Nonnie, for the fun memories you have made with our kids over the past week and a half:)  We're sure going to miss you!
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