Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - We got our first piece of mail at our home for our homeschool this week.  It just kind of made me smile as I opened up the invitation for the NC seminar.  I think I kinda like homeschooling:)

2 - Alethia turned down eggs for another bowl of sugary American cereal this morning.  This is a first ya'll, seeing as she would normally eat a dozen eggs on any given morning all by herself.  Now, she did change her mind after she smelled the yummy scrambled eggs and saw her brother devouring a plate full, but that is a first for sure, ha!

3 - I went to Starbucks on the way home from my very disappointing OB appointment yesterday and used a gift card to pay for my purchase.  An old man behind me looked in my wallet and called me out in front of the whole store saying "You got enough credit cards?!"  I was totally shocked.  First of all that he had the audacity to look in my wallet, and second that he would have the audacity to call me out about something that was NOT even accurate!  I have 1 debit card, the ministry has 1 debit card, and we own 1 credit card to pay for online purchases for personal and ministry use.  The rest of the cards are gift cards (thanks to Christmas), a million insurance cards for our growing family and grocery store savings cards.  We make it a point to be very intentional with our money and by golly I wanted to tell him all about our whole budget strategy and put him in his place.  So I turned to him and told him I had "one credit card" thank you very much, and that the others were "money savings cards".  I could feel the steam coming out of my ears and took my own cue to leave him behind.  I sure told him, ha!

4 - I have learned the art of falling asleep anywhere.  Just this week alone I have fallen asleep on the couch watching the kids play on the swing set outside, resting my head on the table outside of Areyna's piano lesson and waiting for the Dr. to come in for my check-up:)  I guess my body is just gearing up!

5 - I can't say enough about how much we have loved this "winter" weather!  We've been outside the majority of the days.  Areyna still gets sad every time I change the monthly calendar in the school room saying, "But mom, it hasn't snowed yet!!!!"  Maybe we'll get a few flurries before the 6 additional weeks of winter come to a close:)
BONUS FACT:  My friend's daughter saw a superstar this week and thought of me, knowing how much of a weather buff I am!  She got Elizabeth Gardner's autograph for ME!  She is a meteorologist at WRAL.  Now if only I could meet Greg Fishel one day and get HIS autograph...but then again, Josh has already become leery of my infatuation with Sir Greg.  I'll just keep dreaming;)

Happy Friday ya'll!
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