Thursday, January 12, 2012

What To Expect When You're Expecting...#5 - Weeks 33-36

Four more weeks!  Wow, this pregnancy has really flown by...I sure mostly due to the anticipation of getting Alethia home where she belongs.  It just didn't seem right to be having #5 before #4 could come and joine us:)

My belly continues to grow as this bundle inside continues to develop.  I went to my check-up this week (which made for a happy OB since I'd skipped out on the last two) and everything looks and sounds great!  Right on track for a February 9th arrival.  The Dr. assured me that I'd be pregnant for quite a bit longer, which just means that there is no "progress", ha!  I was expecting as much:)

It becomes increasingly difficult to do normal things around the house.  I have to turn sideways as I strain to get the clothes from the back of the washing machine.  My belly is right at counter level in the kitchen so I am forced to use the stool if I want anything above the first shelf.  Cai continues to be a rough and rumbly boy as he runs across the room for quick hugs.  The only problem is that his height makes him run into my belly before the rest of his body does, ha!  My lap is getting significantly smaller, which makes for frustrated cuddlers and my air supply makes for very short games if any cardiovascular attempt is made.  Driving, oh driving...we already know that parking next to a shopping cart drop-off is a no-go, but just trying to get INTO the car and the maneuver of steering has become cumbersome.  It's quite comical actually, watching me try to get around, especially if it's off of my comfy couch...and I don't even need to mention Preggo-face.  It's just bound to happen to this pregnant mama, no matter how hard I wish it away:)  Oh well, we're almost to the end!

So, as we bask in the joy and delight of Alethia being home and transitioning to life as a family of six, we begin to slowly switch gears for that day which is just around the corner of the life as a family of seven:)

36-Week Belly
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