Monday, January 16, 2012


Alethia has been home for less than a week, but we have already had so many happy firsts (and only a couple of not-so-happy ones, ha!), and this is only the beginning of a lifetime of them!

The first time she saw our house while we pulled up the driveway she gave giddy shouts and squeals as she kicked her feet and clapped her hands saying "Home! Home! Home!"

Seeing her run around her new house, wide-eyed, as she explored this mansion of a home.

Her first all-out wrestling match with her siblings and daddy on the CARPET!  She's never had carpet before.  I'm sure textures in and of themselves around the house are their very own experience for her:)

She loves to look out the window of the car and shout out "Mommy! Daddy!" at every new thing she sees.

Her first experience with the washing machine and drier were comical.  She helped me sort the laundry in our room as she shouted out each persons clothing she took out of the laundry basket.  Then she scurried down the hallway after me to put the laundry in the machine.  She inquisitively watched her clothes disappear inside the big white box as I closed the lid.  She kept asking, "Mommy, clothes?" until the washer finally stopped.  We went over and she watched me transfer them into the dryer.  She LOVED helping me hand wash our laundry in Uganda (and she did rather well at it BTW) so this was very new for her:)

The first time she saw her cold food come out of the microwave "Hot!" was no different.

The first time I got to cook for our WHOLE family!  I'm sure I won't be so excited about this one in a few days, but I sure enjoyed watching her devour every bite:)

Watching her swing on the new swing set in the backyard with that big smile.

Going through a dozen eggs for one breakfast!  My babies LOVE them some eggs!

The first "looks" that everyone talks about when a white family walks in a restaurant with a black child.  You really do feel on display, ha!

The first time getting all 4 kids ready for church by myself.  That was no simple task!

Our first family pizza/movie night in the living room:)

Watching Zeke proudly show off his new sister to his teachers at church on Sunday.

Seeing Areyna and Alethia close themselves in their room for "sister/girl time".

Finally seeing Alethia occupy the space that Cai makes beside him as he plays with his stickers and his cars.

Cai demanding Alethia to play with him by shouting "Jangu, Shabiya!" down the hallway.

Family cuddle time in mommy and daddy's bed:)  Nothing sweeter...although we really are running out of room, and we are about to add another one!

Shouting, "Girls, no more tickling!  It's nite-nite time:)"

I catch myself just sitting and watching my children interact together.  In one moment it all seems so normal and old hat, while the next I'm blown away that Alethia is actually here, as part of our family!  I am a very blessed woman.  I know that Alethia being home doesn't (and shouldn't) complete me, but it sure does fill that void I felt when I had to leave her behind, not knowing if I'd ever get to see her again, and it does bring me to my knees in thankfulness for this miracle we've experienced first hand.

So, here's to a thousand more firsts...
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