Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keeping With Traditions

Josh started a tradition with our family several years ago.  Every year he buys each of us an ornament that represents the events of the past year.
Sometimes he gets frustrated because he can't the "perfect" ornament that he is thinks is appropriate.  For instance, this year he was looking for a Chicken ornament for Areyna and simply could not find one.  He opted for the Ballerina Barbie since Areyna can always find a way to get dolled up:)

Zeke got Green Lantern to add to his Super Hero ornament collection.

Cai was given a Mater.  I think anything to do with cars would have sufficed, ha!

Josh found the perfect ornament for Alethia and Me.  It was a home that said "Forever Family".  It is perfect!

Now that we know Alethia will be home in the next week or two Josh is on the hunt for the perfect ornament for her first Christmas with her Forever Family:)
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