Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Notes Of Encouragement

 "Dear Mom I
love you  I am
so so sorry
that Zeke and Cai fall apart"

This sweet little note of encouragement from Areyna pretty much sums up the majority of the past 2 weeks of my life as a parent.

Zeke freaks out about something very small.  His screaming, kicking, stomping and thrashing has been beyond embarrassing as I drag him away from the pool at the beach or out of the cafeteria (AKA Marlins...mmmm) or all the way home from church.

Zeke's antics are so contagious that Cai has begun to join in on the fun.

So then I have 1 boy acting out in total defiance and another one learning the ropes to total defiance.

I know it's a stage, but man am I ready for it to be over!

I am catching up on a few parenting reads to help get me through.  But not just to get me through, to help me reach their little hearts.

So, if I've seemed a bit distant over the past week or so it's because I have been.  I'm exhausted and tired.  But don't be alarmed, today has been a much better far!  We've been implementing the Marble game today:)
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