Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

Just mentioning the name "Chuck-E-Cheese" makes my anxiety level go up.

But, it is all Zeke asked for for his Birthday.

We figured we'd do a joint celebration for the boys since Cai's birthday is in 2 weeks!  We didn't really get to celebrate Zeke as a 5-year-old as a family, and you know how I am with planning parties.  Cai will never know the difference, ha!

Plus the fact that we kept getting FREE tokens and great deal coupons in the mail for their birthdays:)

We very quickly learned that Cai really, Really, REALLY is effected by all the bright lights, screaming children, noises, music and scary monsters 15 times his size.

We also learned very quickly that he really, Really, REALLY likes Root Beer.  Our kids never get soda, but I figured it was a special day, were they ever surprised.  You should have seen the look on Cai's face every time he took a sip of the bubbly stuff:)

About half-way through our Chuck-E-Cheese adventure Zeke came up to me and asked if he could take Cai to go play some games.  He took Cai's hand and led him around to find something Cai wanted to do.  They ended up in the toddler area on the slide together.  Nothing melts this momma's heart more that seeing my sweet kids helping so sweet together...

I came home to a totally fried garden last weekend.  With no water and temperatures in the 100's I guess it was bound to happen.  My flowers on the front porch are crispy and brown too.  *sigh*  I am still getting tons of tomatoes but everything else is just plain dead.  Oh well.

I have been so torn lately.  To continue to try to find new ways (which I'm not even sure exist) or just to pray and wait in great expectation of what God is going to do.  We still have quite a ways to go with our fundraising for the adoption.  I just want that whole part of it to be over with, ya know.  I've totally run out of creative juices as well as resources to raise this money.  I know the Lord will provide...I just wonder how it will happen.  And just as I had about given up on the grants we'd applied for, we received word that we got one yesterday!!!!!  It was the best mail day ever!  I may or may not have immediately began bawling, reassuring my kids that they were happy tears and we had reason to celebrate God's provision!!!  It was such a significant chunk that we are down to only having to raise around $5000.  That's it!  But then I think about the time we are gone...6 weeks without any paid gigs and still needing to pay these bills at home...we are going to try to go above and beyond.  It will all work out, I know it will...

Speaking of raising funds.  I know it is totally out of my control. and organizing is not, ha!  In order to keep my sanity I've been nesting like crazy.  I mean, it's not like we can go outside this week or anything, geesh!

This weekend Josh has a gig in Missouri so that means I'm flying solo.  I don't mind it, but it will be a little weird being on stage without my baby on Sunday:)  I love being able to worship with him!

I'm sure you are sad that this rambling post is coming to an end.  Don't fear though, I have something very exciting to share with you next week;)

Happy Friday ya'll!
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