Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

We are heading to the beach on Sunday to prepare for next week's Student Camp for Journey Church.  By this time last year we'd already been to Myrtle Beach about 3 or 4 times, but this is the first for this summer so we're pumped!  The kids are excited for the 8 pools at the specific "resort"...oh the choices for all their swimming delight and pleasure:)

This morning we headed down the road about 15 minutes to a Migrant Camp.  I think we counted about 12 children and only 2 adult women.  The rest of the camp was out in the fields working the crops.  We were joining 2 other ladies and their children who go almost everyday and bring the children lunch and toys.  We were able to bring a couple of bags of clothes that Journey people had donated for them.  You could tell they were so thankful!  It was so neat to see Josh and Zeke kicking the soccer ball with some of the boys while Areyna colored and played with My Little Pony's with the girls.  Cai just bullied around with the other kids his size age.  It's crazy to see those kinds of conditions in your own backyard.

No adoption news.  Nothing.  Sometimes I still forget we are in this process.  We literally haven't done anything from our end in months besides try to raise this money to get over to Uganda and get our little one.  I'd like to at least think we're getting a little bit better at waiting, ha!  But really, Josh and I are really trying to focus on what the Lord has to teach us during these times of waiting.  I mean, what if we missed it?!  Then it would all be for nothing.  The hard times are the refining times, ya know...

That's all I've got ya'll!  Not even a picture to go along with my post.  I'm pooped...again, so I'm going to go make my third batch of homemade salsa from our garden and take a nap:)

It's Friday Ya'll!  Have a GREAT weekend!
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