Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When we did the big switch a couple of weeks ago to make room for #4 we made a few other adjustments around the house as well.  I am SO terrible at taking "before" pictures so I went back through my files and found some similar angles, ha!  Don't mind the random people and kids in the photos:)

Before : After
Before : After

Before : After

We turned our foyer into our New Homeschool room!  We installed fold-down desks to make it transitional:)
And there you have it folks.  A brand new home for us as we make room for our little one waiting for us in Uganda!


The McKinney Family said...

It's all beautiful, but I love the schoolroom the most! Did you buy the fold-down desks, or build them? Would you please let us know and if, so, where you bought them/or what the plans were. I'm sure others would be interested, too! Can't wait to see pictures with Shabila in her new home :).

Tasha Via said...

We got the desks for $30 at IKEA and spray painted them black:)

MeMe & Poppee said...

Everything looks great Tasha. The living room looks tons bigger.

Heidi Mayhugh said...

Wow! Can you come transform my house for #5?! I LOVE the homeschool space and how neat and tidy the living rooms look now, great job!