Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Me Monday

I pride myself in my self-control.  This self-control shows itself in so many areas of my life...eating butterfingers, time on my computer, ice cream at 10pm, family size bags of get the picture.

So, when Josh gets home with his new iPhone and shows me the free app for the Angry Birds game, I have absolutely NO problem keeping my grubby little hands off of his phone and letting him use it... whenever he needs it.

Nope, not me.

I would never be so addicted to such a silly little game, that eats away at your life and time.

No way!

It would never get to a point to where my kids are telling me to "get off of Angry Birds and give daddy back his phone" because I have been playing it the entire six hour trip to MD.   And heaven forbid he continue to get texts and phone calls because he is a working man and this ongoing communication is interrupting this very important game!

I would NOT look at him, roll my eyes and say "Really?! REALLY?!" every time he'd politely ask for his phone to make another call or message someone.  And I definately wouldn't curse those guys, under my breathe, who kept trying to get a hold of my man while I am trying to free these innocent birds!

Absolutely not me!

That would just be unbelievably immature.  And I exemplify self-control at all times to my children who seem to watch my every move.

But if I were to ever get addicted to such a game as that, it would only be because I was trying to make those angry little birds happy.  Nobody wants birds that stay angry all the time.  Someone needs to free those sweet little creatures while killing those ugly little pigs with hard hats.  And the monkeys, oh the monkeys, that laugh at you with those big huge teeth...they MUST die...they must pay...

I mean, uh,

Nope, not me!
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