Monday, May 30, 2011

Not Me Monday

I hardly ever get scared when Josh goes out of town and leaves me at home by myself with the kids.

Sorry, babe;)

I just LOVE to sprawl out in our bed and squish in between ALL the pillows too much, ha!  I like to scurry around the house without getting looks wondering what in the world I'm up to, ha!  I like to find projects to accomplish after I put the kids to bed at night.


Since I am always so brave and never allow my imagination to get the best of me, I would certainly not be startled by a strange noise in the middle of the night.

Nope, not me!

After checking on each of the kids and finding a very sharp object to carry around the house with me while I peer through all the windows I would never resort to calling 911 for backup.

Nope, not this invincible momma!

I don't need a cop to walk the perimeter of the house to check the cellar out back (under my bedroom) and the attic and closets inside my house.  I also don't need a cop to check in the boys room only to find out that it was Cai kicking the wall in his sleep.

Nope, not me!

I could surely figure that one out on my own, without having to involve the police:)
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