Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's The Church's Responsibility To Train My Children

Or is it?

Did you know that, "Teens are 3x more likely to stay in church after high school if there are regular faith conversations at home"? - Jim Burns

Did you know that the average child will only spend 2 hours or less at their church each week.  Do you honestly believe that the church can train your children in the way your child should go in just 2 hours every week?  Absolutely NOT!  That isn't their responsibility.

The Lord has called us, as parents, to train our children.  We are to be their main influence.  We should send them to classes at church, of course, but we should not put that responsibility on their teachers and leaders.  The church's job is to plant seeds and reinforce what the kids are learning at home.  And then, we as parents, should in turn, reinforce what the kids have learned in their classes at church.

I have heard many parents say, "I decided to enroll my child at the Catholic (or Christian) school because I wanted them to get some religion.  I think what they teach is a good thing and I want my kid to get that."  I've also been a part of several conversations (remember, my husband was a student pastor for several years) where parents are upset, even infuriated, because the student pastor or lead pastor hasn't done their job to speak enough into their child's life.  I agree that some student pastors just "do their job" and don't get as involved in their students lives as they should, but to expect them to make the kids come to church or make them come to youth activities and to act appropriately is not their responsibility.  It's ours!

I know at Journey, our home church, that our Children's Pastor, does an excellent job at teaching my kids.  But I would never want it to end there and he would totally agree.  That's why they give the parents handouts when we pick them up after church.  These handouts have excellent discussions and activities that we can do with our kids throughout the week.  We can reinforce what they are learning.  I love those handouts.  It makes it easy to talk to our kids.  It helps them remember what they are learning, so it goes farther than the church building.

Parents, let's work together with the church to help make our kids GREAT for God!
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