Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Just Couldn't Force It Anymore

I remember exactly when it occurred.

My brother and I had made a fort out of quilts and card tables in our living room, as was a normal occurrence for us growing up.  I remember sitting in my "fort room" and feeling weird.  Trying to live in the present while pretending to be in a make believe world of best friends, bad guys and adventures.


I remember sitting there trying to imagine that this pretend reality was real.  But for some reason, this time it was different.  I just wasn't "feeling it" anymore.

I remember being sad.  I remember thinking that I was missing out.

So now, when my kids are make-believing that the medical building behind our house is Carowinds, or when they put endless hours in making the perfect fairy house in hopes of actually catching a real-life Fairy, I smile.

I love that they have imaginations!  I want to encourage their pretend realities (to an extent of course:), and I want them to hold on to them as long as they can...

...because quite frankly, I kind of miss mine.
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