Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

Cai has a pet frog.  His name is "Gokkie".  He is of the fury species that doesn't die.  He is safe.  Well, he was safe...until we lost him.  I practically tore our house apart looking for Gokkie to no avail.  I even drove back to Harris Teeter, where I thought he might be.  Nope, no Gokkie.  We had given up on finding our cuddly little friend.  It think I get more sad than the kids do when they lose their beloved fury friends.

Fast forward one week.  We are driving up to Areyna's lesson.  As we are passing the Buisiness complex that the boys and I frequently take walks around during her lesson Areyna spots something.  She shouts, I SEE HIM!  I SEE FROGGIE.  No, we didn't embarrass her for calling "Gokkie" Froggie, but instead rejoiced in her keen tracking skills to spot such a small little friend just so gently propped up by one of the office windows.
One week later.  Still there, where Cai's chubby little hands must have dropped him on one of our walks.  He must have been so scared.  He must have felt so helpless.  But alas, the lost was found!  Cai welcomed him back into the family and took him for a swim when we got home:)


The past two weeks have been packed full of appointments.  We have FINALLY all been to the dentist!  The kids are cavity FREE, woohoo! (This was a New Year's Resolution that Josh and I made, oh 2 years ago, ha!)  Rainy and Zeke have gotten their shots for Africa.  I went back to the dentist because of a jaw issue, I'll be posting that traumatic story next week, you won't want to miss it:)  I've had my first appointment to fix my jaw issue yesterday at the chiropractor.  He was more than happy to tell me about all the toxins and poisons all around us.  There's nothing more encouraging than someone telling you that the food/drinks, laundry detergent, soap and baby shampoo are all toxic and full of poison that you have been giving your family.  It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...


I thought I'd explain my recent posts titled "The View From Here".  I just wanted to have fun taking pictures and editing them.  I thought it would be fun to try and summarize my day with one single picture.
Monday - it was a fabulous family day.  Josh and I took a (sort of) nap on the lawn next to the kids pool while they splashed around in sheer delight.  This photo was my view when I came back to reality:)
Tuesday - we are an outside family, there is no doubt about it.  We spent the entire day in our pool...again:)
Wednesday - the kids were in a creative mood.  They call their new homeschool room their "real office" and they were hard at work all day making maps to Diamond Castle and cards for everyone in the family.
Thursday - Yesterday was catch-up day.  I usually try to get the laundry done on Wednesday but I became totally overwhelmed by the little mommy chores around the house that I got absolutely NOTHING accomplished.  Areyna was quick to help me clean and do laundry throughout the entire day yesterday:)  She is truly my little helper.  She even came in and asked for a diaper for Cai.  I later walked in on her changing his diaper and getting a fresh outfit on him for the day.  He laid on the floor so contently for her to get the job done.  Warmed my heart to watch that for sure:)

Well, I've rambled enough on here today.
I hope you all have an AWESOME Friday, I know I will!
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