Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

Could it have been any nicer outside this week?!  I haven't closed the windows all week.  We have been going straight outside in our jammies as soon as breakfast is over.  Love.It.

Tomorrow morning I am headed down to the large town of Ridgeway, SC for an Alumni brunch at Camp Longridge.  I was a camp counselor at this camp during the summers while I was in college.  I'm really excited to see friends of mine that I haven't seen in almost 10 years!

Areyna finished her reading chart this week.  She was determined to complete it so she could surprise Josh when he got back from his conference.  Since she finished it she has been a reading maniac!  She has a Bible that helps her read and she read 70 pages of it just yesterday, WHAT?!  She is beginning to sound out words and write them down too.  It is so cute.  I got my first love letter from her still my heart *sigh*
It says: I love Shabila. Mom I love you because you are nice. I love you mom.
Cai is, by far, my most cuddly child!  He would be totally content for me to carry him around all day in a sling.  My back, on the other hand, screams in protest at the thought of carrying this almost 30-pound 1 1/2 year old around:)  Anyway, he has a few criteria that must occur if he is to be content while you are sitting and holding him.

1 - Your full attention - he hates me to get work done on the computer while he is in my lap.
2 - He has to be ON.MY.LAP.  Not sitting in between my legs on the floor.  Nope, that simply will not suffice.
3 - He must have his back completely against my chest.  He has no boundaries for personal space.

You have to be totally engaged in this cuddle to make it work, ha!  I grabbed a shot of Cai as soon as he backed into Rainy's lap to give you an illustration:)

My kids just finished a whole box of cereal in just 2 mornings.  Man can they put some cereal away.
UPDATE: Make that 2 boxes of cereal in 2 days!  Thank goodness for Harris Teeter triples, I got those boxes for almost nothin'!

Every morning this week I've heard Areyna's door open, before it's time to get up, a close just a few seconds later.  I found out what she's been doing.  She's been confiscating my hairbrush to brush her hair as she gets ready for the day.

Dear Rainy,
Could you please stop growing up so fast?  K, thanks!
Love, Mom

The kids have appointments this morning to get their shots for Uganda.  Cai is too young to get any and Rainy and Zeke only need one.  They have mixed feelings about this step in the adoption process, but they are looking forward to the promised ice cream from Sonic when they are done!

Happy Friday ya'll!
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