Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

My parents got in last night.  They get to stay the WHOLE weekend.
Josh and I had rehearsal at Journey last night so my parents stayed home with the kids.
Every few minutes the kids kept asking us, "Is it time for you to go yet?"
For some reason they were SO ready for us to get out of the house 
to play with their Nonnie and G-daddy.
We later found out that that "some reason" was to ask 
if their Nonnie and G-daddy brought them anything "surprises":) 
I guess a kids gotta ask.  It's just part of being a kid.
And a grandparent always has "surprises".  It's just part of being a grandparent!

My sister-in-law caught Cai and his cousin, Karis,
playing in our backyard.  This picture was just too cute not to share!

It's that time again!
We pulled out the pool with the cousins last week.
We couldn't figure out why it was taking like an hour to fill up
and then we found the leak in our hose...
I had 6 impatient kids just WAITING to have more than their feet covered with water, ha!

I had the kids help me fold clothes this week.
I don't know how in the world we have so much laundry!
Anyway, this is Zeke telling me, "But mom, I did fold my clothes. Look!"
He was on his way back to his dresser to put them away.
Bless his sweet little heart:)

Being part of the local Via family has its perks.
We had enough kids for a rockin' Easter egg hunt.
Look how cute they all are!

 We had a family game night a few weeks ago.
Cai was surprisingly good (or just lucky) at catching the butterflies:)

I am so ready for this weekend!
Bring on the family togetherness!!!

Happy Friday ya'll!
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