Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Me Monday

This week has been such a boring week.

I wish we lived a more adventurous life.

All we ever do is sit around at our house and wonder what in the world we should do.

We'd never take the whole month of March to celebrate our anniversary!

Nope, not us.

March was strictly full of ministry.  And like I said, we never mix ministry with our personal lives.

Nope. Never.

But, if we were to couple ministry and couple get-aways we'd surely begin missing our kids.

I mean, I'm first and foremost a mom.  That is what my primary focus is right now.  So, when I am away from my kids, I miss them and continuously call to check up on them and wonder what they are up to, every minute of the day.

Yup. Always.

So, when Josh looks off into space, missing our kids, and asks if I miss them, I would never respond with a "Nope, I'll sure be glad to see them...AFTER our conference is over."

No way, not me!

When I finally do reunite with my kids, however, I always keep my cool and not smother them with hugs and kisses, demanding that our mandatory nap day be spent together, just so I can wake up with my kids cuddling on either side of me.

Nope, not me.
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