Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Facts For Friday

We are now the proud owners of a  '05 YukonXL!  I couldn't be more thrilled to be a two-car-family again.  It'll be so nice to be able to run errands again.  I know, you'll probably never hear me say that again, but after 6 months as a one-car family, with a husband who travels a lot, it will be a welcomed change of pace.  We needed a car that could hold our growing family and it is EXACTLY what we needed...and then some!  And no, that is NOT a bow on the top, although it looks like it, ha!

Areyna and I cashed in our first "Change For Change" donation yesterday. WOW! We were thrilled. We are now $60 closer toward bringing our little girl home and all because one family was willing to save their change for us. Let me know if you want to jump in and do it too:)

Josh gave Areyna a "mani-pedi" for her birthday.  For you males out there who read my blog (yes, I know who you are, and your secret is safe with me;), that is "code" for a manicure and pedicure combination.  Anyway, she cashed in on it with him this week.  You could tell as soon as she got home that she felt like an adult.  But then again, when does she ever think any differently, ha!

 I took this picture the night I had 7 children all to myself a couple of weeks ago.  Now this is how it's done folks.
Step 1: Make 'em all homemade pizza!  Who doesn't like homemade pizza?  Well, apparently Cana didn't like the pepperoni and Kayil wanted milk, while Areyna and Zeke traded crusts for mushrooms and Mason asks, "What kind of pizza IS this?"  and Kayil nibbled tiny bits at a time.  Well, wouldn't you know, Micaiah was the only one who had his share...and everyone else's leftovers, ha!  You can't blame a mom for trying:)
Step 2: Stick in a Netflix flick on the ol' computer, propped up on the counter for all to see!

Yup, that's it.  The steps that follow aren't really that important as they involve changing diapers, prying Cai off of Karis, keeping the fairy's from bothering the bad guys, making Cai give Karis' toys back, picking up pieces of leftover pizza squooshed into the carpet and making Cai apologize for being too rough with the fairies.  No biggie...

I did learn a very important lesson that night, though.  I very seriously believe that the Lord has NOT called me to be a mother of seven children.  But if He does, for some insane reason, I will be putting in a call to my doctor to up my meds.!

Well, we are headed to a woman's conference so I gotta finish packing up.  Thanks Uncle Moose and Aunt Kelly for volunteering to watch the kids for us:)

Have a GREAT weekend ya'll!
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