Saturday, February 26, 2011

Words Of Wisdom - From The Heart Of A Child

Me: "Sometimes you guys are just so good to me that I want to bless you and do something special for you.  Do you guys want to go get some ice cream after we run some errands this afternoon?"

Zeke AND Areyna:  "YEAH!!!!"

***a couple of minutes later***

Zeke: "Mommy, I got some cash out of my 'spending' envelope so I can buy my ice cream."

Me: "Oh buddy, that is sweet, but I am going to buy your ice cream for you.  'Cause if you spend your dollar then you won't have any more money in your spending envelope."

Zeke: "That's ok, mom, 'cause I don't want you to have to buy it."

Areyna: "Yeah, mom.  I got a dollar out of my envelope too.  We know that you have to buy your own things at the store, so we are going to buy our own ice cream so you don't have to spend your money on it."

Who says that young kids can't grasp life-long concepts at an early age?!

This morning Zeke came out right at 9am, which is normally time to get up, and asked, "Can Rainy come cuddle with me in my bed?"

Of course I smiled and agreed.  Who would forbid sibling cuddling.  I pray my kids always stay as close as they are now.  As close as I was with my brother and sister...


The beautiful weather has made for some wonderfully creative playing outside.  Yesterday Rainy and Zeke were out playing in the field behind our house and looking for treasures when they came in for some water.

Zeke: "Mom, Rainy told me that the Bible said that we need to be kind to our enemies, so I left some of my Pirate coins outside for the bad guys."

Areyna has been learning this concept at church and was, in turn, sharing it with her brother.  What could make a mama's heart happier?!
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