Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Me Monday

Josh and I love our kids.  We really do.


So, we would never begin counting down the minutes, an hour before a date, as we try patiently to wait for the babysitters to get here.

Nope, not us. 

Josh and I always leave plenty of time for instruction for the sitters when we leave the kids while going on a date.

Especially with people who are watching the kids for the first time.

Yup.  We are very cautious parents.

We would never greet our friends, who graciously offered to watch the kids, with a "Hey-how-are-you-thanks-for-coming-do-you-have-any-questions-k-bye" and then jet out the door before giving them a chance to respond.

Nope. Not us.

And goodness, especially not if our youngest has an issue with passing out when getting too worked up about something.

We would totally warn our friends, who graciously offered to watch our kids, who don't have children, of something so seemingly life-threatening as that.

Because, let's face it, how scary would it be, to be those friends who graciously offered to watch our kids, who don't have children, to have a 1 1/2 year old pass out in their arms after a fall, just 5 minutes after the parents leave you with them for the first time.


If that were to happen, we would most certainly turn around immediately, when the frantic call came in that our little boy was turning blue and not breathing.

We would never just calmly apologize for forgetting to tell them about this common little occurrence and they just needed to slap his little cheek and blow really hard in his face, give him about 5 minutes and he'd be okay...

...and then continue on to our date destination.

Nope, not us!

~Thank you Kaitlin and Adam.  You all did a wonderful job with the kids!  Sorry for the scare:)~

DISCLAIMER:  No children were hurt or injured during the above said occurrence (besides, it never happened anyway).
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