Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For All Of Those Who Have Made Me, Me

I have:

a father who taught me that everything has a place, and that you should listen to a man of few words, because when he does speak those words are going to be full of wisdom.

a mother who taught me that love and servanthood can be shown through a lovely home-cooked meal to those who need it most, and that a long-distance prayer can make everything feel so much better.

a sister who has taught me everything I needed to know to get me through my pregnancies.

a brother-in-law who taught me how to co-lead an interpretive dance...thank you smelly-welly, ha:)

a brother who taught me that you really can have a passion for rap AND opera.

a sister-in-law who taught me that no family is too strange to marry into, we love you!

in-laws who have shown me that generosity has no bounds and that families should stick together, no matter what.

a brother-in-law who taught me that I shouldn't be afraid of confrontation.

a sister-in-law who showed me exactly what was in the food I've been eating;)

a brother-in-law that has made me see that I shouldn't take myself too seriously.

a sister-in-law who is teaching me to "gather my thoughts" before I talk...oh and that leftover pork chops go in the sock drawer.

a brother-in-law who taught me that you don't have to be loud to be heard in a large family;)

a sister-in-law who showed me the most amazing Way2Save money!

a brother-in-law who has taught me that the man behind the scenes is just as important as the one up on stage.

a sister-in-law that has taught me that you don't only learn from those older than you.

a brother and sister-in-law remind me of being a newlywed and that we all need medication sometimes:)

a husband who teaches me everyday who I really am inside and makes me want to be a better reflection of the One who made me.

a daughter who reminds me that she is watching every move I make.

a son who takes it upon himself to teach me patience every day!

a daughter who has taught me that a little really is a lot.

a son who is teaching me how to really stretch our grocery budget.

a small group and church family who pour into our family and our life, in every circumstance.

And that's not to mention so many other friends who encourage me to be a better mom, teach me to persevere in every circumstance, remind me that friendships can last, even after a move, speak truth into my life, have taught me how to cloth diaper, a true life essential:)

But, above all, I have a God who has shown me unconditional love and who has given me a freedom to!

Who has spoken into your life?
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