Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Me Monday

While watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve show on Friday night I knew all of the artists who sang their songs.

Josh and I did not keep looking at each other saying, "I've NEVER heard of him/her/them!"

Nope, not us!

We totally keep up with the times, and the artists, and the styles...

The styles...

Man, we are on top of the styles lately.  So, there's no way that we kept giving each other the, "What in the world is she wearing?!" look.

Nope, not us!

You can call me with any fashion advice you have.

And speaking of keeping up with the times...

We totally did not have to open up the Urban Dictionary just to figure out what the artists were saying.

Nope, not us!

I mean, everybody knows that a slizzard is "a 'dirty south' term for intoxicated" or "a very slutty lizzard".
Come on!  Who doesn't know that!

And I already had the recipe for sizzurp in my recipe box in the kitchen.  But for those of you out there who may have lost your copy, here it is:  Promethazine w/Codeine syrup, Any fruit flavored soda and A jolly rancher.  There ya go, now you're good to go flying in your G6.  Oh, you don't know what that is?  It's "slang for the Gulfstream G650".  You should really keep up with your aviation makes and models...

We are SO going to be those hip parents who our kids talk about to their friends!


Have you ever looked at the Urban dictionary?  It  is SO funny.

For example, you can search the meaning of your name and see what comes up.

Tasha means "lookin good, very stunning and always glowing. a tasha is a beautiful creature who gets alot of unknown attention"

Josh means "He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh.He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love.He has very good style and always looks handsome.He also always smells really good :)"

I'd say that those are pretty accurate, wouldn't you:)

But I wouldn't know that because we weren't just on there the other night.


Just for my enjoyment, since I am still technically on bed rest, would you do something for me?

Stop reading this and go search your name and come back and tell me what it says.  It'll be"off the chain"!
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