Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Me Monday - High Heels and Vacuum Cleaners

I've been grounded from exercising for the past six weeks.  I'm sure that I could have started back a couple of weeks ago, but Josh requested that I take the doctor's orders to heart.

And I'm always an obedient wife;)

That being said, I'd never let myself get SO out of shape that just vacuuming would send my arms screaming in protest, especially if I still had 3 more rooms to go!

Nope, not me.

That's just crazy.

I mean, who actually gets a work-out by vacuuming their house?  Really?!

OK, so maybe I can see vacuuming as a workout, but wearing high heels?

I'd never wake up on a Monday morning with the most horrible ache in my butt, back and thighs,
later to realize that it was merely from wearing high heels all morning at church.

No way! Not me.

That would just be embarrassing.
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