Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Put A Face To Their Sacrifice

I am a "tosser".  You know, one of those people who is constantly going through the house looking for things to get rid of.  I don't like excess "stuff" and I hate least in my house anyway.

On occasion we bring our kids into the mix and "toss" as a family (especially after Christmas).  We do this for several reasons.  To help teach our children that giving is a command, to value the blessings God has given us and to teach them generosity, among many other things.

Usually when we purge as a family it doesn't always go the way I'd hope.  Most of the time the only thing Areyna can come up with to give away is a broken silly band and a half-empty bottle of lip gloss.  Baby dolls are the hardest things for her to part with and it never ends without tears.  But how many baby dolls does one little girl really need?!

So, when we proposed our idea to have a yard sale in our front yard to raise money to bring our little girl home from Uganda, you would not have believed the reaction we had from our kids.  I was just bracing myself for a fight.

But instead,

Areyna immediately began going through EVERYTHING she (and everyone else) owned and piling it in a basket in my closet.  Before the first day was out the basket was overflowing with little trinkets and treasures that the kids are graciously allowing us to sell to get their little sister home!

When bedtime came around I had to force her to take a break for family devotions.  While jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face her reply was, "But I just can't stop thinking about all the kids at the orphanage!  This is so fun.  I LOVE this.  This feels SO good!"

Zeke is even selling his beloved Spiderman Lunch Box that goes EVERYWHERE with him:)

We're going on day 3 and they are still coming up with stuff to sell.  I can't guarantee that we'll make more than $.05 for everything they've set aside, but their hearts are pure and their motivation is priceless!


Via Adoption Yard Sale
WHEN:  December 18th, 2010
WHERE:  Rolesville, NC  27571
If you are interested in donating some items 
for our yard sale let us know!  
We will appreciate anything:)
I'll be posting more details soon
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