Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday - Things That Warm My Heart

1 - Me: "Zeke, do you need some syrup for your pancakes?"
Zeke:  "No thanks.  But you know what I do need?  A hug and a kiss:)"

2 - Cai is starting to really interact and comprehend what is going on around his little world.  He has started singing along with Zeke when he get going on a song.  He stops everything to dance when he hears music.  He started vacuuming with his pretend vacuum alongside me when I got out the vacuum cleaner the other day.  He loves to help me unload groceries.  He grabs a bag and pulls it across the floor to me and hands me the contents one at a time to put away.  After the bag is empty he cheers and goes to get another one:)

3 - Every night when Areyna goes to bed she asks, "Mommy, will you play with me tomorrow?"  I am going to hold on to this one as long as I can because pretty soon I'm going to be the one asking her that question, ha!

4 - I made the first step toward making room for another little girl in our home yesterday.  I had accumulated enough Target gift cards to be able to get organizers and bins for a "boy" and "girl" room.

5 - When I hear my kids discussing their thoughts on the Bible, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Death and other little nuggets of Truth they are piecing together.
For example:
Just the other day Areyna reminded Zeke that animals don't go to heaven when they die, they just die.  God made us special.
Zeke on Eternal things: "Rainy, I don't get to take my bubby to Heaven, but that's okay, because God made me a new home in heaven and there will be a brand new bubby there for me."
Areyna:  "I'm going to go read my Bible so God can talk to me in it."
Zeke:  "Hannah Montannah is real, but Meme doesn't think she loves Jesus, so we need to pray for her and give her an All That Glitters CD so she will love Him."

BONUS FACT THAT WARMS MY HEART:  there is a chance of snow on Sunday!

Happy Friday Ya'll!
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