Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Words Of Wisdom

Zeke had befriended a little boy at the park a few days ago and this is the conversation with me that followed:

Me:  "Hey buddy, did you find a friend?"

Zeke: "Why do some people put lotion in their hair?"

Me:  quickly thinking of a response..."Well, God made black people with a different kind of hair.  Kind of like how daddy puts gel in his hair, some black people put lotion in there hair."

Zeke:  really thinking now..."How come I can't touch it?"

Me:  "What?  Did you actually ask him if you could touch his hair?"

Zeke: shrugging his shoulders and staring into outer space pondering who knows what..."yeah, but he said I couldn't"

Note To Self: remind the kids that we need to go potty, put on shoes and refrain from asking other kids to touch their hair at the park, before leaving for the park.
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