Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

I would never consider keeping an updated blog a priority.  That is just ridiculous!

Especially when there is a mission trip to be getting ready for.

Who in the world would ever even have that on their radar in a time like that?

Not Me!

I mean, I have way more important things to do, like folding my laundry, packing, writing lists for my mom who is keeping our kids because we're GOING TO AFRICA...wait we're going to Africa???

Yes, we're going to Uganda, Africa!  TODAY!

Holy Cow!  I've got a lot to do before we leave...

So, I wouldn't come back to visit my blog AT ALL this week.

No way...NOT YOU!

Because I sure wouldn't have scheduled out some posts just to keep my readers happy in my absence.

Nope, not me!
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