Thursday, September 30, 2010

There's A Storm In There

I love storms, but this particular storm I could do without right now.  It is located in my head and I can't seem to stop it's whirring and spinning.

In any one given moment I could have over a dozen things formulating within my mind, making it extremely difficult to focus on a single task...which means absolutely nothing gets done.

I've made lists...and lists for lists, which is never a good thing, by the way!

We leave for Africa on Monday.  MONDAY!  What if I forget something.  My mom is coming to take care of our kids.  What if they are having one of "those" days, for 2 weeks!  What if something happens to them.  What if something happens to US...I'm feeling totally unprepared, feeling like I can't find a single quiet moment to spiritually prepare.  Maybe I shouldn't have chosen to go...The rain keeps coming down.  I love it, I hate it...Today marks the second time I have put on a shirt, thinking it was a different shirt and color scheme, because it was too dark in my bedroom when I was getting dressed.  I haven't seemed to notice until I'm in public, nice...School is going really well.  Areyna is thriving and Zeke, well, he still can't remember the letter of the week letter we've been working on for almost 3 weeks.  We decided to go ahead and move on to "B"...I was caught up on couponing, and then the paper came with more coupons...I can't get blogger to upload any photos to my blog.  Anybody else having that problem...the kids seem to really be at each other today.  Zeke keeps chasing Areyna around the house as a superhero and all Rainy wants to do is play kitchen...I can't figure out how to "find" pictures on my mac to upload to Snapfish unless they are on my desktop, urgh...we leave for Africa on Monday.  MONDAY!
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