Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Me Monday

I always take precautions when doing laundry,
such as emptying pockets and carefully sorting colors.

Especially when it comes to washing my cloth diapers!

I am also a very careful cook.

I would never pick the last two ripe tomatoes off our vine
to make cheesy tomatoes for dinner...

only to drop the whole pan, 
upside down on the  BLUE kitchen rug 
as I pull them out of the oven.

Nope, not me!

I would never be that clumsy!

Not only that,
but I would never just scoop them back up, really quickly,
and dish them out on our dinner plates to eat.

Are you kidding?!
That's just disgusting.
Not to mention...the germs, the hair, the crumbs!

No way, not me.

Since that detailed tomato incident never occurred,

I would never have to place the BLUE rug directly in the washing machine
to be forgotten about.

I always remember important stuff like that.

I am SO glad that this never happened...

because in my haste to unpack from our trip
I might want to go ahead and get all my dirty diapers washed.

That would mean that they would be thrown in the washing machine
with the aforementioned, BLUE rug and that would just NEVER happen!

NOPE, not to me!

Because, then my diaper inserts would surely turn
the same shade of BLUE as my BLUE rug!

And my Fuzzibunz would be so fuzzy...

...that I would be picking out balls of lint
from the deepest, darkest crevasses of the male anatomy
for a week!

And that just would NEVER happen to me!

No way...NOT ME!
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