Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A List For The Babysitter

Contrary to popular belief in this house (ie. the kids),
this momma knows the things you will try to talk your babysitter into.

And then there are all those little details that the sitter may simply need to know...

My list for the babysitter keeps getting longer and longer.

Zeke will tell you he is thirsty ALL THE TIME - 
but we do not have drinks after dinner...
unless YOU want to wake up to his little hand tapping your shoulder at 2am 
because he has to go potty again.
(PS-you don't get paid overtime if you stay for that)

Areyna will ask for the door to be kept cracked open - 
this will entice them to get out of bed at least every 5 minutes or so!
Just shut the door already!

No, we don't leave the closet light or hall light on for them.
That's what their nightlight is for.

You have to put band-aids on their thumbs so they won't suck them.
Not the clear ones that won't come off for anything.
They still cause "prunage" and it makes it difficult to tell if they sucked it or not.
Then, this causes tears in the morning because they think they've failed.
And that's no way to start the day...believe me!

Micaiah sleeps with - 
his bubby, fan on, blinds closed, door closed

Zeke sleeps with -
his bubby, a band-aid on his thumb, music, 
blinds closed, door closed, nightlight on 
and prefers to sleep naked

Areyna sleeps with - 
handpicked animal of the stuffed variety, band-aid on her thumb, 
music, blinds closed, door closed

Micaiah - 
if you use a disposable diaper...
make sure it is not a swimming diaper.  
The only thing those are good for are to keep poop in.
Pee, on the other hand...

Cloth diapers - 
1 insert for normal, everyday diapers
2 inserts at night...
UNLESS he's had a lot to drink.
Then you'll want to put 3 inserts in that bad boy!

TV -
turn converter box on
turn TV on
turn dial to "1"
little black remote is for channels
large silver remote is for volume
don't even bother trying to watch if it's cloudy, ha!

DVD - 
turn TV on
turn DVD player on
turn dial to "3"
little silver remote is for DVD player
large silver remote is for volume

You better make sure you ask who's turn it is 
to pick a movie or you are in for a HUGE meltdown

Areyna will use her sweet little 5-year-old logic on you - 
but stay strong...

Then we get into allergies, medicine dosages and discipline...sheesh!

My babysitters probably hate me!

What does your list for the babysitter look like?
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